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THEATER IN THE NOW - Michael Block

Palin LIVE! is an example of smart writing. [It] is a loving spoof that marries politics, comedy, and showtunes. Palin has a specific speech pattern that makes her a living spoof and Vlahinos capitalized on it. Vlahinos puts a Palin twist by adapting the lyrics for laugh-out-loud and jaw-dropping moments. [She] used Palin's dialect to her advantage, focusing on words that hit the funny. There is a “Best of Palin” element, highlighting some of her wilder moments. But she also offers a moment of humanity. …. the journey that Vlahinos takes is strong.

Palin LIVE! may be a parody but the Sarah Palin on stage was genuine. As a performer, Erica Vlahinos did a supreme job creating her own Sarah Palin. Vocally, Vlahinos could likely sing the songbook. Her tone is pure with the ability to soar with any of the original tunes. What makes her a strong performer is she allowed the comedy to come naturally and subtly. Erica Vlahinos has offered an entertaining evening that almost makes you want to be best pals with this maverick.


Very talented writing. Very well crafted. Very funny. ... It starts off a jokey, parody then dives into who is Sarah Palin as a human being, what makes her tick and how might we find some empathy for her. The show elevated itself from being a jokey parody sketch thing to being something more meaningful that says some interesting things about who Sarah Palin is and why she is so successful at speaking to such a great number of people …. It’s hard to play a character if you can’t find the humanity in them and Erica does a really good job of doing just that. … Erica, who is a tremendous belter, comes up with Sarah Palin's singing voice which is so spot on and so in character that it really works...You should definitely check it out!

BROADWAY WORLD - Off Off Broadway

Vlahinos...not only created, produced and wrote the book and lyrics for the new parody musical, but she also stars as the polarizing pundit herself. It's South Park-esque zingers paired with a young, fresh political perspective have allowed Vlahinos to sling satire over her shoulder like the newest Kate Spade. PALiN wears parody like Hillary wears a pantsuit: strong and comfy. Unafraid, unrelenting and unflinching PALiN lives a the hunger games style world, where politics and entertainment have unapologetically mixed.

SCOTT COULTER - Multiple Award Winning Vocalist, Cabaret Personality, Director

"Public Service Announcement: You MUST go see the amazing Erica Vlahinos in "PALIN: The Musical." I saw it last night and would go again tonight if I could. It's that good. It's written, directed and performed by Erica and it floored me. It's funny, irreverent, smart and moving. This lady deserves to be the toast of the town. Thank you, Erica and Collin Kessler (who also knocked it outta the park) for a truly memorable night." ...Scott Coulter

ERIC SCOTTIO - Broadway Actor

"I absolutely had THE BEST time! I laughed so hard! You're wonderful and your show is HILARIOUS and oddly touching and uncomfortably ridiculous! ....IT WAS SPECTACULAR!" ...Eric Scottio

CHRISTINE HOPE - Audience Member

"It was a delightful evening - I didn't expect to laugh out loud SO much!" ...Christine Hope

From our campaign stop in Cincinnati!

JOHN MCGILL - Audience Member

"PALiN; the Musical was absolutely outrageous in the best way! Erica Vlahinos is a comedic genius." ...John McGill

DOUGLAS DUCKETT - Audience Member

"Last Night was the premier of Palin: the Musical at CCM. It was a stunning political satire, but with some heart as well -- Brett and I laughed so hard our faces and stomachs hurt, and then there was a surprising human turn. Suffice it to say that Erica is a genuis. New Yorkers, I would guess that this is coming to a theatre near you soon -- and when it does, GO!!!" ...Douglas Duckett